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Helium Coin Mining via Radio-Free Mining Equipment & Shipping only in August2021



Today I offer you to take participation in new Mining via Radio Frequency!
Helium (HNT) Coin. It is real Coin on

Its current price is $24 Company gives each person FREE Mining Equipment to mine Helium (equipment is called  Hotspot) + Free Shipping to your address TO ANY COUNTRY!!!

Hotspot works using radio frequency.

This new method of Mining is not developed in the world yet!

This FREE opportunity is only till the end of August, 2021

Hotspot will mine around 25 Coins of Helium per month.

Profit of iHub - the Company wants to enlarge number of Hotspot all over the World to have profit from each Hotspot - 25% of mined coins will be for you, 75% of mined coins will be for iHub.

That's why iHub allows itself to give Hotspot for people free of charge!!!

Because of it  it is very important for iHub that Hotspots will be all over the world, in different countries, closely to each other and connect with each other giving more ptofit.

You can register only using this personal invitation (you can not register only using website without affiliate link)

This is iHub marketing - people need to invite each other.
When you registe, invite your friend to build your own Hotspot Network to give more profit from all your invited friends Hotspots every month!

IMPORTANT! When registering, please enter you real data - First Name, Last Name, Mobile Phone, Shipping Address and Installing Hotspot Address that Delivery will be exactly to your Real Address

One minus of this system - if somebody registered the address, for example: London, Feona Street, 6,- nobody could register using this address again!
So, the only one person who lives at this address, can register his Hotspot! And others - NO, unfortunately...
So, be the FIRST, hurry up and register your Hotspot!


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