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Litecoin Mining/Autofaucet. Passive Income. Withdrawal with no deposit.


Litecoin Mining/Autofaucet. Passive Income.

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Without making tasks, watching short links or videos!!!
Withdrawal with no deposit!!!Withdrawal to external LTC wallet or to LTC wallet.
When registering you must enter either external LTC wallet or FaucetPay LTC wallet.
So, you can do withdrawal to that LTC wallet that you have entered when registering.
You can withdraw at any time when mininum for withdrawal you reach.Withdrawal rules for external LTC wallet:
* Withdraw Fees: 0.00001000 LTC
* Minimum Withdraw: 0.01 LTCWithdrawal rules for LTC wallet:
* Withdraw Fees: 0.00000010 LTC
* Minimum Withdraw 0.00000050 LTCFEES will be deducted from your mined balance!!! You must not input deposit to withdraw!


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