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Hi there! I would like to share my findings in the mining of altcoins. Some time ago I heard about the TON network. I suppose it was dead already. They got troubles with SEC two years ago - Telegram closed the project but a group of fans keeps developing still now. The token is already listed on Uniswap and some exchanges + there are 2 bridges. But most interesting for me is mining on this blockchain network.

I have rigs (5x4x3090 + 12x8x1080) mostly for eth mining. Avg income on 3090 is $6-6.50 per day ($42-45 per week per GPU unit), on 1080 around $2 per day ($14 per week).
Recently I tried to mine TON. This is kinda a pain in the ass — they do not have hiveOS support but in manual mode, it works. Let's see the results:

Test #1
Duration: 7 days
HW: 4 x 3090
Mined: 2400 TON coins
Total profit: ~$1440
ETH total same rig same duration: $173.60

Test #2
Duration: 7 days
HW: 8 x 1080
Mined: 900 TON coins
Total profit: ~$630
ETH total same rig same duration: $110.30

I have to say that it looks better than ETH mining but you have to be able to set up clean Ubuntu 18.04 and code some scripts. This is not as difficult as it might seem.

This is great information


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