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Many different industries are implementing blockchain technology and it’s easy to see why. This highly secure, decentralized system is a collection of blocks that contain information and form a distributed ledger. The information in this ledger can easily be shared and updated.[/size]1*nVbwWNTnN07ultQIvc-BlQ.jpeg[size=1.8rem]TIME’s Blockchain​TIME’s Blockchain system offers all the great benefits of this advanced technology. It’s ideal for storing data, recording transactions, and verifying information, and it updates whenever new data is added. Furthermore, network participants can increase their crypto assets by playing a fun, action-packed game.Called Alpha Returns, the game uses proof-of-time (POT) to calculate rewards earned by players. POT is a smart contract that distributes CAESIUM tokens. The number of tokens given to players is dependent on how long they spend in the game. The more they play the more they earn.The game’s assets are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These tokens are acquired by surviving the game’s advanced levels, collecting weapons, and increasing scores. Players then have the opportunity to trade their assets in the game shop. This marketplace includes guns, armor, etc., and allows gamers to obtain a return on their investment.Proof of Time (POT)​Based on the network consensus mechanism, Proof of Time used in TIME’s blockchain is a simple way of token contribution which is dependent on the active time spent on the network. Rewards are generated on the active time of users, the longer a user remains active, the more rewards are generated. The algorithm used by TIME blockchain is coded in such a manner to randomly generate tokens and mine as per the total time spent in the blockchain network. The algorithm used for measuring POT in TIME’s blockchain is a trusted code that is applicable for POW, POS, and POC. To generate more tokens inside the TIME blockchain network, the user has many choices in form of the TIME ecosystem which can be accessed using unique IDs. The unique IDs are first verified in the network by the admin until the total number of users crosses the 10, 000 marks which will then activate TIME blockchain, and generation of new CAESIUM tokens will be initiated in an automated manner as per the algorithm, helping contribute to the TIME blockchain. Among all the ecosystems in the gaming section, there is proof of play which states the total time spent playing by an individual for any of the games and must continue playing in order to contribute to TIME blockchain.DeFi TIME​Because the DeFiTIME ecosystem is built on blockchain, there is no need to involve any centralized financial bodies in this system. Instead, DeFi is controlled by a large network of computers and allows users to store their crypto assets in decentralized wallets, make secure trades 24/7, participate in crypto lending, and more. All network participants can review and verify transactions, coins, trades, etc. However, there is no risk of anyone being able to modify the data.Blockchain becomes even more beneficial when used to enhance IoT security. The use of cryptographic keys, data encryption, PKI security, and authentication keeps data safe so that network participants don’t have to worry about their information getting into the wrong hands.dApps​TIME’s decentralized applications (dApps) are part of a blockchain network. NFTs can be used on these apps, which are made for assisting business operations. This leads to an increase in productivity and efficiency.The Global Product Management System (GPMS) is useful for automating quality standards, resulting in reduced costs, an increase in customer satisfaction, better relationships with stakeholders, and more. Fleet Management, another handy tool, helps businesses manage vehicles and other transportation assets. Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) prevent illness, injuries, harmful environmental releases, and other hazards. Lastly, the Global Education System (GES) monitors students in order to provide equal opportunities for all.History​TIME’s project began in 2019 when expert developers joined together to create a high-quality game. They continued to develop this game through 2020. This year the team is working hard to implement ITO, recruit blockchain experts, and build awareness. Future plans include completing ITO development of TIME protocols and integrations and rolling out Alpha Returns for testing purposes in 2022. By 2023, the Time Protocol BETA version will be ready for launch.Why You Should Buy CAESIUM Tokens​Here are just a few reasons why anyone interested should buy CAESIUM tokensThe process of distributing rewards is transparent and secure.
  • [size=1.8rem]The system’s transparent nature motivates community compliance while still allowing player independence.[/size][/color]
  • [size=1.8rem]As a decentralized system, there is no need for governing authority.[/size][/color]
  • [size=1.8rem]The network is more scalable and lucrative than a centralized esports platform.[/size][/color]
  • [size=1.8rem]Competitions can be assembled rather quickly, resulting in a faster monetization process.[/size][/color]
  • [size=1.8rem]Gamers have the opportunity to earn rewards by doing what they love; playing a fun game.[/size][/color]
  • [size=1.8rem]Buying CAESIUM tokens is easy. Network participants simply buy and sell tokens while keeping their desired profit margins in mind. When done correctly, trading crypto coins leads to great gains.SummarisationSumming up everything, CAESIUM offers a transparent platform providing you with the opportunity to create new tokens and earn rewards using various means on the offering. With PoW or Proof of Work, it becomes easy to provide security and verify non-fungible assets or NFA in TIME blockchain. With a unique ID generated for every ecosystem, it helps identify the asset holders or the “Owner” of the tokens created. With PoC or Proof of Capacity, it becomes easier to keep control over data usage on both PoW and PoS (Proof of Stake) which leads to the minimization of data storage input or block utilization and optimize transaction per second or TPS on the blocks. In terms of minting new coins, every transaction starting from the first block and the asset transactions will be recorded in TIME’s Decentralized Ledger (TDL) will be adopted by validators also known as “POOL” and every user will be able to register as validators with applicable terms and conditions where they can earn a reward as per the stake on the POOL. For gamers to achieve better gaming statistics, all they need to do is finish the preceding levels and purchase the higher levels to receive more rewards with each passing level Time Virtual Machine (it is a TIME smart contract that allows the developers to create and deploy dApps in the most secure way possible).To learn more about CAESIM coins go to: caesiumlab[/size][/color]


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