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Does your ASIC farm consist of hundreds or thousands of devices? Does managing it take a lot of your time? There is a solution — the Hive OS monitoring and control system.

Should manage a large ASIC farm take a lot of time? Definitely no. The management process can be convenient and simple, even if you have thousands of devices. This is possible thanks to Hive OS.

How to make the process of managing a farm as simple and convenient as possible? Those who own large ASIC farms or mining hotels often ask this question, and the answer is here. This post covers five useful features of the Hive OS, the most effective and convenient to use monitoring and management system that will help to simplify the farm management process.

1. Organising workers into farms

Owners of mining hotels (or administrators of several clients) often categorise their user base in Hive OS by farms. In the context of mining, a farm is a group of devices (so-called workers). Workers of one farm are isolated from all other workers. This means that every farm has its specific general statistic (energy consumption, hashrate, the quantity of workers with problems, and so on). It is very convenient and easy to “accommodate” individual clients or separate premises in this way. In addition, on the farm you can apply any actions in bulk (for instance, changing a pool).

In Hive OS you can also set up different levels of access for other accounts. For example, an administrator can have full access to all the farms that he manages, and he can give the right to monitor any farm to another account (managing the farm will be impossible for this account in this case). In addition, the client can get notifications (in Discord or Telegram) in case there are any issues with the devices or in order to discover their statistical data.

2. Using tags in order to distinguish workers or clients

Using tags can help in many situations, and here are some of them:

  • Describing problems with the equipment. For example, you can use such tags as “Replace a fan”, “Replace a board”, and so on. Thus, it will be very easy for you to keep a record of workers with problems and to maintain them.
    Using tags for sorting problematic devices
  • Marking the devices that have certain nuances. For instance, you can use the following tags: “Not to overclock”, “A problem with a flash drive”, and so on.
  • Distinguishing the clients. This can be done not only with the help of farms, but also using tags. Let’s suppose that a mining hotel has several dozen clients, and each of them has 20 ASICs. Creating dozens of farms may not be the best solution, since you will have to go into each of them separately to perform various actions in bulk. Let’s say, in case someone needs to change the overclocking profile on all the ASICs because of a potentially dangerous temperature change, this person will have to do this for each farm separately, because Hive OS does not allow performing actions in bulk for farms (for all workers on the farm — yes, but not for all the farms at once). However, using tags, you can easily distinguish different clients in one farm, and at the same time, if necessary, perform the required actions massively.

3. Statistics

At the moment, Hive OS offers statistics for each individual worker and for the entire farm at once.

Checking the statistics of the device, you can see the graphs of energy consumption, fan speed, hashrate and temperature. In turn, statistics on the farm show the number of active workers and hashrate.

It is possible to export the statistics to a .csv file. In this way, you can easily and quickly calculate the exact or average value for any period or even create your own graphs.

Statistics on power consumption, hashrate, fan speed and temperature

4. Bulk installation

There are several ways to install Hive OS on your ASIC:

  • To install from another ASIC (with access via SSH).
  • To search for all the ASICs in the local network by the given address ranges. The result of the search is a list of IP addresses to which Hive OS will be installed. You can also create this list manually or simply copy it from BTC Tools. In case the workers’ names are added to the list, they’ll have the provided names in the web interface of Hive OS.
  • To install the firmware in bulk.
  • To install the Hive OS client on any ASIC Antminer massively (via SSH).
  • To apply farm_hash massively.

All the essentials guides and instructions can be found on our Github or Youtube channel.

Bulk installation of firmware via the web interface

5. Bulk actions

You can massively apply various actions to ASICs: overclocking, changing a wallet or pool, etc.

In the web interface of Hive OS, you can select all the workers of your farm with one click, or select only a specific device at a time. Apart from this, it is possible to select all the workers on a particular page. After that, you can perform these actions massively:

  • Changing an overclocking profile.
  • Flashing the workers.
  • Applying the flight sheets (using them you can switch between wallets and pools on your workers).
  • Turning off or rebooting the workers.
  • Sending a command using Shell (remote access to the devices).
  • Applying a watchdog.

Bulk application of flight sheets

All the features described above will be very useful to all owners of large ASIC farms because they give users the freedom of action in almost any case. Therefore, use them when managing your mining farms — they will simplify your life.

Start mining with Hive OS for free for 1 rig.


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