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What do you guys think about *Farming* the Chia Coin?


I learned recently that you can host a node using only HDD. From what I understood you can make around 20$/day by having 10TB of space dedicated to the node and very fast internet. I am thinking of trying it out, anyone else tried it or heard about it?

This saves some profitability using K33 plots. But you need a fast drive to work. This is either an SSD, or a RAM disk, or an external RAM like this

Dora WalletInvestor:
Did you end up starting farming Chia Coin?
I personally don't think it's a good idea - even though the concept is good, that you only need a hard drive - but there has been a lot of publicity about this destroying hard drives within weeks or months, which makes it less profitable and not at all as environmentally friendly as they claim.

Chia will allow to mine in a living area without attracting attention to begin with.


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