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[Pre-ICO] ReBorn Bloc It is insane. A REVERSE ICO. None of that scam ICO


a new ICO coming  up  Green Reborn Bloc       This is not just any pump. This is going to be theeee pump for throughout! Just getting back from a seminar, I am excited about this new ICO about to explode it is called the ReBorn bloc. It is basically Green Energy and Waste Management with a breakthrough-technology that meets the reliable data-storing Blockchain.        What i know so far,, is that it is a Reversed-ICO which is pretty cool ,,, compared to the yet another idea-based ICOs out there.   The business and the break-though technology already existed doing billions in business worldwide. It is ridiculous  ,  I mean  CRAZY. I am definitely looking forward to this. so,,,,  I am gathering information on this new ICO. If anyone out there knows about this project and have some info,, we could form a meet up or,,, just the build the community for this amazing Earth-saving project. I am not involved in anyway but am a huge fan of this of this idea and project. I can feel the movement for the world. Shout out to everyone who is in support of this green campaign and every meaningful applications of ITs and Blockchain technology. sick of the chase of money. Let's ICO for a cause!


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