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Author Topic: Support Stelocoin, be a part of your team  (Read 2813 times)

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Support Stelocoin, be a part of your team
« on: January 18, 2019, 05:26:34 PM »
Hello Cryptomate,
I am looking to expand the team of Stelocoin Foundation - The only Global Accepted Digital Money.

Stelocoin is a new cryptocurrency that was launched in December 2018, which give a joint benefits of open blockchain technology and traditional currency. It is a global currency that cannot be mined and it's valued is derived from the basket of fiat money. Stelocoin objective is to have one single digital global currency. This currency would replace the need for coin and notes and will allow quick, easy and safe way to exchange and store money.

Stelocoin is unlike any other cryptocurrency, it follow a purchase weightage system that mean more coin purchase by a country the more will be that country weightage in the coin valuation. The traditional currency collect though the purchase of coin in used to buy government bonds and securities which is the base i.e. the minimum selling price of the coin.

Stelocoin is base of economic concepts and principals, it’s the only cryptocurrency that can be controlled by government bodies given it a better change to be declared as a legal tender. Learn more about stelocoin by visiting our website.

I am looking to expand the team and is looking for enthusiastic blockchain & mobile apps programmers, online and offline marketing experts and anyone who would add to the growth and development of stelocoin foundation. You can reach me on Skype ID dirk_mumbai

Unite the world as one family with one currency and one voice, show your support to Stelocoin.


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