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 Hey guys,
My Chad Team has recently started working on a new project. We’re glad to present to you the Chad Token!  You can see our goals and ideas on this website (which is still under developement): .
We are currently working on our Chad Token Game, and we’re also designing some nifty NFTs which can be traded and purchased with Chad Token. The Token can even be used in-game!
We’re putting a lot of effort into this, which is why it’s our goal to keep our token as stable as possible. Plus, anyone from the community who chips in has the chance of winning Chad Tokens for free!
What we are looking forward to the most is the weekly Chad Raffle. We intend to reward hodlers of Chad by giving them tickets to our raffle, where we give away Chad Tokens, NFTs, in-game modifications, and even other cryptocurrency tokens. As mentioned, anyone in the shareholding community is eglibile for the raffle.
In short, we want to build up our Chad community in order to connect with other Chads in the world, while mainly having fun in the process. For us, money is not the motivation, and we don’t guarantee any such thing, since our project is already much more than just that!


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