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Welcome to We provide analysis on the ever evolving cryptocurrency market. You can browse our analysis and reviews here. If you are new to the crypto market then read through this page step-by-step. It will help you get up to speed as quickly as possible.[/size]Step 1 – What is Bitcoin?Firstly you need to understand what cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is. We have compiled a few resources below to help you understand:What is cryptocurrency? - your Bitcoin - 2 – Preventative ActionGet off to a head start and save yourself time and money by learning and understanding these common mistakes new cryptocurrency investors and traders make.Over-tradingKeeping crypto on exchangesNot doing your own researchChasing the pumpPrice vs. market capYou can research these topics yourself or you can download our free eBook “The 5 Big Mistakes Beginners Make”. The book is free to download when you sign up to our weekly newsletter which will provide you with juicy market updates (don’t worry, we hate spam as much as you – we aren’t going to give your email to any third party).Want to know other 6 steps? Visit us here now: with us: Facebook:[/size]


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