Author Topic: Cyronium – The RARE Gold Backed Crypto!  (Read 4822 times)

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Cyronium – The RARE Gold Backed Crypto!
« on: June 22, 2018, 04:56:44 PM »

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In the exciting world of Cryptocurrency, there is a lot of on offer for everyone. But, in order to benefit one requires selecting something that can be truly dependent upon. However, with the routine ICOs, there is just too much left to desire for investors, especially the beginners! That’s why we have come up with the solution to have people with something that they can truly own!

Introducing to you Cyronium, with the solution that most Cryptocurrencies have been unable to offer thus far!

Cyronium is a Crypto Asset created by combining Blockchain technology and precious metal. The vision behind is providing people with kind of options to help them grow to accomplish their dreams for a better life! Cyronium works to provide an investment asset with futuristic concepts and with the technology and business model in place, it will heighten the return on the investment and profit gains for the investors.

Cyronium will allow faster, larger, and more reliable transactions processes with more cost-efficient and environmental-friendly system in place. Cyronium aims to provide investors with a medium, where investment can be made with low-risk yet higher rewards. Since this is considered as one of the major issues for low-budget investors with the risk always too high on with most Cryptocurrency investments but with Cyronium, there will be no longer will be the problem of high risk!

It’s not the only problem that Cyronium intends to solve, as it will provide small-medium enterprise companies with the design for growth by blockchainization of their businesses and will be able to raise fund through ICO conducted by Cyronium, as the Cyronium Blockchain of Cyronium. It will allow business owners getting funds, the investors will receive profit-shares from Cyronium Blockchain business, and the demand in Cyronium will also rise!

Cyronium is a RARE combination of advanced technology and Precious Gold, which makes it such an irresistible choice. Each Cyronium coin is backed up with 24 carats 99% LBMA gold weighing 20 grams. After the production phase of Cyronium gold coins, the gold will be certified by PT Antam, and then stored in a deposit box owned by PT Ciptalintang in LE Freeport Singapore. The whole process and legitimacy of this gold are audited by an independent international agency.

With such structure that guarantees it's Token never dipping below lower than the price of 20 Grams of Gold, it is an opportunity that comes rarely!

The ICO is running from 26th May 2018 at the price of $2,150 IDR per Cyronium and will finish on 26th June, so hurry up to join this life-changing opportunity!

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