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Do you want to invest in environmentally friendly projects.

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As trees grow, they remove carbon dioxide from the air, store carbon in trees and soil, and release oxygen into the atmosphere to stop climate change. We must help to protect the natural environment and tree planting.

The Humboldt project wants to democratize the crypto space to change the world and give everyone equal access to the next generation of technology set to revolutionize the world. I think this is a great opportunity to invest in an eco-friendly project.

HSO Coin is a carbon sequestering emissions project. HSO Coin aims to utilize the power of blockchain technology to tokenize hours of human customer serivce and provide the ability to help them plant trees.

They are creating a system where users of their token can easily exchange 20$ worth of HSO tokens for a customer service query (email or chat) discussing plant care and basic planting customer service.

In addition you can also use the coin to join their private Discord server and also purchase various goods from their network of retailers & approved vendors to recieve purchasing discounts.

$HSO cryptocurrency tokens can be purchased on Uniswap and on other decentralized exchanges.


They are here to make it easier for people who have little or no idea about planting, they also have an added feature that gives users access to their wiki, for as low as $5 monthly. their users can burn 20$ worth of tokens to help us plant 1 tree.

The tree will have a cryptographic tag on it which will display the plant type, date planted, and description of the location (longitude & latitude). Keeping plants looking their best requires deft skill and proven experience.

Their customer service experts who have garnered several years of experience are here for you, they pay meticulous attention to every detail you give to them to ensure that their customers can enjoy the many benefits of their platform.

$HSO Tokenomics

Token name               : Humboldt Coin
Token Abbreviation   : HSO
Emission rate              :  No new coin will be created
Maximum supply        :  420,000,000
Token Network           :  ETHEREUM (ERC20extended)
Token Decimal            :  tba

If you interesting on this please visit

Yes, environmental friendly is essential

Altruistic projects are needed

I'm afraid that profitability will remain paramount for any project :)

Green investments are no longer just associated with a warm moral glow or even a political one. This is the main direction for investing, based on market sentiment and where the big money is moving. The topic of ecology is very popular, everyone uses the services of garbage removal companies. I use birmingham bin collection services. They take all rubbish out of my house for recycling


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