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Author Topic: Dracula Protocol aims to be the one "tool to farm it all".  (Read 243 times)

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Dracula Protocol aims to be the one "tool to farm it all".
« on: December 27, 2020, 06:53:32 PM »
The concept of Dracula is extremely simple: it's a farming tool for all most popular yield farms implemented in a single unified web interface ( and $DRC token.

Why should it be attractive for you?
Dracula Protocol offers rewards for providing liquidity in victim pools and a deflationary tokenomics. APY in Dracula pools will be 90% of victim's pools, farming is slower, but instead of receiving rewards with a token whose total supply is constantly growing, you will receive rewards with a token whose total supply is decreasing every day.
APY Rate Will Go Down, But Performance/ROI Will Increase: current APY measurement doesn’t include inflation on itself. More accurate metrics should include both inflation and extrapolate current inflation rate for tokens with the same market capitalisation. Incorporating these factors, the updated APY for deflationary DRC, while lower on its face, will outperform the current ROI for inflationary DRC by a large margin.
Our Community: we have an incredible community full of support and altruism; for that, you have our unbridled admiration and thanks. Together, the community has created altruistic drain bots, giveaways, four new adapters, tons of proposals, memes and ideas. We can’t thank you enough for all your enthusiasm. We believe that many of these people will remain in our ecosystem with this new path. We are excited about our future with them. We know that they will be able to see the forest past the trees and recognize that, even with a lower TVL, our new ecosystem will be sustainable.

Ease of Staking: it will be easier to stake with us, than elsewhere. We’ll focus on users’ experience and comfort.

The Good Stuff: lots of fun and memes with the spirit of rebellion

We invite everyone to join us in this fight for a better DeFi future. We believe in our ecosystem. We believe in DeFi. And we believe in you. We hope to coexist with many of the present projects with fair value/token distribution and encourage their innovative ideas. Ultimately, all of this will be for the community to decide.

As we progress, we will continue to deliver a universal yield tool for every project we can get our fangs into. While we are small, we are strong, fast and dynamic. We are prepared for an arms race with large and clumsy corporations. They don’t know what’s coming.


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