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To err is human to forgive is nobody goes the stying in the blockchain world. Sometimes, business' wish they could say the same about the smart contracts created. Some reports estimate that 25% of all smart contracts contain critical bugs, 60% of all projects Hasho ( a security audit firm ) had atleast one single bug.

For businesses that rely on smart contracts, it is critical that they operate as intended and without bugs or security issues.

Concordium  has developed two novel programming languages, Midlang and Retlang, that make smart contracts easier to develop and more reliable to deploy.

Midlang, built on Erlang and Elm, models problems clearly and precisely, while also being simple enough to allow for easy on-boarding. Midlang code compiles to Retlang, a new low-level language that allows for formal verification and static analysis of smart contracts.

Concordium is also apparently building tools for formal verification of smart contracts.

Making sure blockchain is business ready is a very important aspect to consider for the industry to grow at industrial levels. There has been a popular myth business' need only private blockchains to be deployed to see success. Its nice to see novel projects like Concordium come up with unique approaches to make this happen.


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