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Mello: New project with utility and bout to get listed



Mello Token launched publicly 15 days ago and already has 1.7k holders and rising every day!

💸Mello PAYS its holders MELLO REWARDS just for holding! With 684+ addresses and growing every hour, you MUST get in now!!! There is NO TELLING how much your investment will grow over the next couple of weeks, months, and YEARS! Mello is already proving its worth, as well with our 2.5 million market cap and especially by its fast-growing community!

The Mello Development Team is shockingly dynamic, diverse, TRANSPARENT, and TALENTED … they have wasted NO time. Not only will Mello soon be one of the TOP tokens out there… but the Mello team is planning to launch the most interactive and advanced virtual crypto Casino experience EVER! But that is only the beginning.. Mello plans to launch the first…

VIRTUAL REALITY CRYPTO CASINO Imagine putting on your VR headset and instantly being transported into a fully immersive casino experience!!

Mello Token’s Long Term Goal:
To create the best at-home casino in the world, powered by a token that PAYS PLAYERS BEFORE THEY EVEN PLAY!

Telegram: mellotoken


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