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[/color]Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Magic, these games rocked our childhood and for some our lives. Humans have always been passionate about the universe, collection and use of these games. [/size]
[/color]Today, we want to give back the flame to these children that we are by deporting all these memories in the digital time. That's why we thought and developed Mezurashi. A complete universe around characters, all supported by Blockchain technology.[/size]
Our project consists of developing a complete universe around Mezurashi, stories and mainly video games where you can develop your Mezurashi.
Our goal is not only to offer you the opportunity to obtain NFTs unique but to obtain characters that can be used in the complete universe Mezurashi.
[/color]But what is a Mezurashi?[/size]
[/color]The universe of Mezurashi is made up of different characters. [/size]
[/color]Each of the characters, thanks to blockchain technology, is only available in a limited number (11,111 units per character).[/size]
[/color]These characters have three main characteristics: Class, level and rarity.[/size]
[/color]His class[/size][/color] : There are currently 5 types of Mezurashi. You can discover the different classes of Mezurashi on your website[/size]
[/color]Its level[/size][/color] : When obtaining it, a Mezurashi is level 1. If you want to obtain a level 2 Mezurashi, you must merge two Mezurashi of the same class and of the same level (no level limit).[/size]
[/color]Its rarity[/size][/color] : Each class of Mezurashi is available in 5 different rarities:[/size][/color]Normal: 10,000 units[/size][/color]Rare: 1,000 units[/size][/color]Super Rare: 100 units[/size][/color]Epic: 10 units[/size][/color]Legendary: 1 unit[/size]
4 stages for a complete universe
The project has 4 main stages: The IDO, the launch of the $MEZU token, the marketplace and the development of games.
[/color]IDO[/size][/color] : We want to involve our community in a public IDO.[/size]
[/color]How it works ?[/size]
[/color]You exchange your $BNB for an NFT exclusive to our IDO, this exclusive NFT defines the number of $MEZU that is reserved for you.[/size]
[/color]When going live, we automatically exchange your exclusive NFT for its value in $MEZU. [/size]
[/color]You therefore receive the same NFT of the IDO without $MEZU attached, the $MEZU is found in your wallet.[/size]
[/color]Launch of the $ MEZU token[/size][/color][/size][/color]:[/size]
[/color]The Mezurashi project is supported by the $MEZU token from the Binance Smart Chain.[/size]
[/color]This will be necessary when opening the pack in order to obtain your first Mezurashi.[/size]
[/color]On your website [/size][/color]you will also have the possibility to stack your $MEZU in order to solidify the project. Interest will be available for people who have stacked $ MEZU.[/size]
[/color]The $MEZU token will also serve as a governance token concerning the decisions taken during the various developments around the Mezurashi universe.[/size]
[/color]Finally the $MEZU is said to be “deflationary”, that is to say that each time a pack is opened using $MEZU, we burn part of the tokens. This will considerably reduce the max supply.[/size]
[/color]Marketplace[/size][/color] :[/size]
[/color]The Mezurashi being limited in number of units, we will offer the possibility to our users to buy and sell Mezurashi on a market place directly on your website[/size]
[/color]As said before, we want to create a complete universe around the Mezurashi. This involves the development of video games around this ecosystem! We have a lot of projects, little by little we will unveil great new features.[/size]
[/color]Why Mezurashi?[/size]
[/color]But wait… What is our goal with Mezurashi?  [/size]
[/color]Our goal is based on a simple concept: popularize the blockchain ecosystem through gaming. Mezurashi is the future of gaming and we are convinced of it.[/size]
Discover and get your first Mezurashi on our website
If you want to follow the history of the Mezurashi do not hesitate to follow us on our various social networks:
Twitter: MezurashiGame
Telegram: MezurashiOfficial

Medium: @Mezurashi[/color][/size]


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