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Author Topic: ParamountDax a European Licenced exchange that share 46% of profits with users  (Read 975 times)

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ParamountDax a European Licenced exchange that use 46% of the daily profit to buy back burn tokens and share with users
We are happy to introduce you to a European cryptocurrency exchange that really fulfills the needs of users.

Constant development
ParamountDax exchange is a unique online project that combines a wide range of capabilities for market makers worldwide. The development team works hard on all the trading platform aspects in order to provide the cryptocurrency society with an exceptional digital product. ParamountDax its main aim is to satisfy the users’ requirements in full scope. This aim has advanced for a long time — from the very beginning, developers were looking for new optimal solutions.
The pursuit of perfection led the ParamountDax team to the courageous decision to create extraordinary software that will be built from scratch. All processes are centered around the idea to receive the optimal software for a perspective exchange. It makes ParamountDax radically different.
We are one of the few exchanges that got licenses before the launch
-License FVR000363
for exchanging virtual currency vs fiat currency
-License FRK000304
for providing virtual currency wallet services
We bring to the market a platform that revolutionizes the concept of exchange, with software built from scratch and with features never seen before.
Security protocol
Our platform is risk free. We offer the most advanced security standards. Exchange users are protected by complex password requirements, mandatory 2FA (two-step authentication), email confirmations for withdrawals and alerts on access attempts from different IP addresses than usual. ParamountDax is also protected by CloudFlare security and the funds are stored in cool wallets. To be absolutely sure that situations such as loss of private keys, programming errors or system errors are inconceivable, 90% of the funds are stored offline and out of reach of the computer system . Users can check the funds, which are not shared with private funds. ParamountDax also offers 100% uptime of its platform to allow users to operate at any time, without losing any good opportunities. Furthermore, after a transaction you will not feel like being on the table. Furthermore, we comply with anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer regulations. This means that each registered person's account is held.
Customer support
The main priority of ParamountDax is the customer. Support is available for your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being a platform that envisions itself at a global level, we don't want our communities to be restricted by language barriers. Our platform supports all major languages including, but not limited to, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Hindi and Russian. More languages will be added to for community growth and team expansion.

Getting to the next level with your trading has never been easier. We are the first platform in Europe to arrive in the same way, so that every kind of trader will be able to benefit from our service, we have also gone further in a way that has never been seen before. TFC trading from the table! A feature that sets us apart from anyone else. The main difference of TFC platform capabilities by ParamountDax exchange is opportunity to set the price level in terms of the graphical showings. There is also the range of the interactive options to select in case the trader has no position in security.
Try it now on our MVP: [nofollow]

Faster network speeds and instant transactions
By using state of the art technologies like Go, Apache Kafka and Docker, ParamountDax exchange will be able to support in the launch stage up to 100,000 transactions per second. As the community and user base grows, we will continue to scale out and optimize the exchange to support a much higher performance with a goal handle up to 1,000,000 transactions per second with the latency of transactions is as low as 50 nanoseconds. Our exchange is built from scratch with a lot of optimizations already build in the matching engine and with more on the pipeline. To move past the 100,000 transaction per second limit we will further optimize the codebase and deploy our solution on multiple servers in order to distribute the load for each market pair in the most efficient way possible. Ultimately, this will make ParamountDax one of the fastest exchanges in the cryptocurrency space.

Besides the profitable distributive daily profit sharing campaign, the experts name the referral program as one of the strongest features of the ParamountDax exchange could offer. The referral campaign has the level-structured concept that makes the developers team decision more profitable for all exchange participants.
The ParamountDax representatives promise the great opportunity to increase their daily profit with help of the activity of the participants’ friends they have referred. The total sum will be up to 30 % of the users’ in attendants daily profit that is possible due to the level-structured referral program. The concept is based on the complex reward scheme where there are the direct invitee and the indirect ones.
The 30 % of the daily profit of all invited referrals is comprised of the different level invitee percentage summarized. The principle of the bonuses charge will be presented below.


Repurchasing and buying back policy
ParamountDax will continuously buy back and burn PRDX tokens at market rate so that overall supply gets decreased and allows the existing PRDX token value to grow.
PRDX tokens will be bought back and destroyed permanently through burning plan ParamountDax will use this mechanism until the total supply is reduced to 65 million PRDX tokens.

Trading Discount
PRDX Token to get the trading discount it is necessary to have the PRDX token in your wallet. Discounts are divided into phases from 1 to 5. The discount is based on the possession of the quantity of PRDX in your wallet, the more you have the higher percentage discount you will have, up to a maximum of 25%.

46% Daily profit shares
ParamountDax will pay 46% of all trading fees charged by the platform as a bonus to the PRDX holders, all users holding PRDX tokens on the exchange will be remunerated daily based on the amount of tokens they own. The more tokens you have and the more you earn! below an example table showing the potential of this system, considering that there are only 100,000,000 tokens on the market and that many of them will be constantly burned, obviously if the value of the token goes up also the daily profit increases.

Pre Sale:         MAY 18 - JUNE 23
Public Sale:    JUNE 24 - AUGUST 19
Private Sale:   AUGUST 19 - SEPTEMBER 23
👉Find more information on our website:
ParamountDax | Daily Profit Sharing Exchange
ParamountDax cryptocurrency exchange is one of the few exchanges which is fully EU-regulated and licensed and shares its daily profits among its users. It provides a secure platform to trade cryptocurrencies directly from the chart.

👉Visit the project and follow live updates: [nofollow]

👉Buy tokens here: [nofollow]

👉For questions, please reach out to us on Telegram: [nofollow]

👉Follow us on: [nofollow] [nofollow] [nofollow] [nofollow]

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