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Hi everyone,

I want to show you a small project that has a huge potential: Social Rocket and its token $ROCKS.

What is Social Rocket?
You guessed it directly thanks to its name, Social Rocket is a social network, but not only. It is a platform that strives to stick to the needs of the cryptoshere. In this ecosystem, 3 groups of users can be identified: investors, content creators and project developers. A small Franco-Belgian team of Social Rocket has set itself the mission of making the interactions between these different actors easier.

On Social Rocket, the investors (or crypto-enthusiasts) will have access to a personalized content feed of trading signals, analyzes, news,...etc. They will be able to use their $ROCKS to donate to other users, to subscribe to Premium content feeds or to participate in stacking/farming pools. Everything has been thought through so that the transition to this new platform can be done with the least amount of friction possible, since users can directly import their Twitter accounts and synchronize it.

Content creators
If investors are the blood of the crypto ecosystem, content creators are the arteries. They appear in different forms: traders, journalists, bloggers, artists,... each creator has a level that reflects the quality of its interventions. The higher the level of a creator, the more $ROCKS they will generate. These tokens are generated on a daily basis, encouraging creators to constantly provide quality content to maintain their reputation, and therefore their income. Shitposts spammers or bad signals senders will be quickly thrown to oblivion, while excellent traders or relevant journalists will be propelled under the projectors. Regardless of their level, creators can produce Premium content, reserved to their most loyal fanbase.

Project developers
Developers like to develop. They do not want to be responsible community management and marketing. Social Rocket lightens their burdens by offering a secure partnership system via smart-contracts, as well as an assessment function (for both parties). This system will greatly facilitate partnerships. No more fruitless collaborations with influencers who buy their views and comments. Social Rocket guarantees the smooth running of partnerships and the impartial management of litigation. Developers will be able to focus on their project, delegating some of the tedious tasks to the Social Rocket. Quality actors will meet quickly and will be able to work together in an atmosphere of trust.

Project progress
The project has been under development for several months and a beta version of the platform is already available. There is a multitude of features already implemented: Twitter account importation, possibility to send/receive tips (DONATE), connection to Metamask, a light/dark mode,...etc. There is a very tangible reality behind this project. You can make an account and test the platform right now.

Recently, one of the co-founders of the project has decided to search for other horizons. The remaining co-founder (Maxime) has therefore set up a new team, after a long selection of the  many candidates. That's why the project has remained silent for more than a month. The founder works in parallel on two other projects: Defi of Thrones ($DOTX) and Revomon ($REVO), but he keeps Social Rocket under control and ensures that the objectives are met and the initial vision of the project is respected.

The tokens held by the project team are fully locked via time contract for an initial period of 6 months concerning 100% of the total amount, then 50% will be released every month after the initial period of 6 months at 5.5% per month.

The tokens allocated to marketing are locked in a two-year linear release vesting contract.

The project Vault is fully locked in a time contract and this for all the project development period. Thereafter, only the project algorithm will be allowed to access the Vault.

The Uniswap liquidity is fully locked for a minimum period of one year. Here is the LOCK PROOF.

Explosivity potential
$ROCK is being traded at the moment at around $ 0.20 and its ATH of $ 5.81, was reached on April 2nd, 2021. With the new team (more people) and the marketing campaign about to start, the project will go, at the very least, to half of its ATH, which would already make a 10X. Here’s the chart of the evolution of the past 6 months:

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Re: Social Rocket ($ROCKS) - The social network focus on the cryptosphere
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Social Rocket organized a Meme Contest on their Twitter account (@social___rocket).

Up to 250$ to win.


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