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Talkaboat is the perfect platform to earn and enjoy


How can I maximize my return on future investments?  I think talkaboat is the best platform to earn and enjoy.

Talkaboat is a podcast platform that is operated using its own crypto currency and also wants to ensure a better world.

It's a great online entertainment infrastructure that users and content creators can gain through sharing, watching, watching and playing content. Start earning boat tokens today!

Discover & listen to podcasts & earn Aboat token.

You can earn Aboat Tokens simply by listening podcasts. And if that wasn't enough, you can

Free for everyone
No matter which service you use or want to have from us, we make it available to you completely free of charge!

Monetization for everyone
Not only do they implement monetization by default, both sides also earn money from it (content creator and consumer)!

One for all and all for one
They bring the community idea into entertainment and thus more opportunities for interaction for content creators and fans!

Consumers 2 Earn
They reward content creators & consumers for sharing, listning,wtching,  playing.

Dyanamic Yield
Reward from yield farming/staking change based on the 24h average price.

One token for all products
They build an online entertainment ecosystem consisting of several products,music-& video-streaming & gaming.

Aboat Token / ABOAT

Max supply : 1,000,000,000,000
Initial supply : 225,000,000,000 (+240,000,000,000 in Reward system)

If you are interested in this, you can simply vist for more information, please visit


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