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Author Topic: The Pedersen Commitment  (Read 186 times)

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The Pedersen Commitment
« on: July 28, 2020, 02:21:16 AM »
Torben Pedersen started working on the commitment scheme when constructing a secret sharing scheme allowing anyone receiving a share of a secret to verify his share alone — ie., without talking to anyone.
The commitment scheme is a basis of this and has the nice property that one commits to relatively much data in one go in such a way that no one ever — even if we one day get a quantum computer — can get any information about this data unless the owner decides to reveal it.

With this property in place, it is often much easier to prove the security of cryptographic protocols using the commitment scheme. Another reason why it has been so popular is probably that it is very simple, and it has the following property which is useful in many situations:

If I have made commitments C1 and C2 to two numbers, A1 and A2, then the product of the two commitments, C1*C2, is the commitment to A1+A2.

Pedersen Commitment Explained :

Torben Pedersen is now the CTO of Conocrdium. He beleives that Concordium is not trying to “teach” the Industry how to use the power of Blockchain but Concordium is coming from the Business world to help businesses use blockchain technology to enhance day-to-day productivity.


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