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Author Topic: The Story of Our Business: From Orbatao to Arbitao  (Read 806 times)

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The Story of Our Business: From Orbatao to Arbitao
« on: September 27, 2018, 12:53:00 PM »
 The Story of Our Business: From Orbatao to Arbitao

Orbatao was the original idea behind Arbitao’s multi-functioning, transformative platform which allows investors to profit through various income streams. Simultaneously, Arbitao hopes to create a bedrock on which to base financial decisions upon, thus ensuring a bright future for all involved.

Mathematical Research backs Arbitao’s Wonderful Platform
A considerable amount of time and effort went into the research and development of Arbitao. The underlying mathematics supporting the platform had to consider the fact that thousands of cryptocurrency pairs trade 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and numerous exchanges list the same pair at a differing prices.

Deep research went into searching for and conducting tests upon potentially profitable trading pairs, and deciphering complex data led to the development of algorithms that are capable of identifying numerous exchanges with optimal exchange rates then executing multi-tiered trades.

Machine learning also plays a vital role in the Arbitao system. It’s not just the bid and offer prices that are monitored, liquidity, book orders, slippage and volume are all recorded factors that are used as part of calculations. Arbitao artificial intelligence (AI) constantly goes through the process of clustering essential data, then constructing useful trading strategies that react to ever changing market conditions.

Arbitao Takes Trading to the Next Level
Orbatao was based on the concept of financial arbitrage which is a method for generating profits from trading the same asset on various exchanges. Taking advantage of price spread between different exchanges can be extremely lucrative and this age old method has been used in financial markets since the dawn of early barter and trade systems. However, this has been taken a step further; the Arbitao team is working hard to develop multi-tiered arbitrage chains, but only pair trading is currently active.

Conventional arbitrage occurs when investors purchase a particular asset from one exchange offering a more attractive price and at the same time sell the asset on another exchange for a higher price, profiting from the difference in price. A multidimensional chain solution is in development and would require more trading pairs from which to obtain their data. Additionally, tremendous amounts of power would be required to uncover the most profitable chains.

                                    Innovative Blockchain Powers Arbitao’s

Multidimensional Chains
In late 2016, the concept of Arbitao took shape as the need of colossal processing power was realized. The brilliant concept of multidimensional chains is a rather complex idea and turning this into reality was nearly impossible until the advent of blockchain technology. As such, the ATAO token, a Proof-of-Stake algorithm based on the NAV blockchain was adopted as the solution.

This option also provides the incentive of multiple income streams for investors. Staking allows individuals to use their cryptocurrency to verify and process transactions, while also strengthening the network and validators are regularly rewarded for participating in the staking process. Rewards for staking can climb as high as 7% annually and this seems to be a reasonable incentive for those willing to leave excess funds on the Arbitao platform.

TAOx is a unique exchange that only interacts with investors holding bitcoin who are willing to exchange them for ATAO. These ATAO tokens can then be deposited into the arbitrage platform to gain daily returns or they can be sent to an investors ATAO wallet for staking.

An extra layer of security protecting both investors and the company has been included. Having investments and interest payments pegged to the US dollar ensures a consistent daily revenue at the promised rate. This is a necessary step as the dollar is a stable currency, knowing interest payments can be calculated in dollars passes on this security to investors.

The total supply of ATAO token is 800 million, with 200 million tokens, plus bonuses being distributed during the pre-ICO stage. A further 280 million tokens and bonuses are reserved for the main ICO and an additional 480 million tokens are on offer during the final token sale.

The Arbitao team have collaborated with most of the well-known cryptocurrency exchanges to maximize profitability and to ensure that investors have the best experience with arbitrage trading. This open collaboration provides a comforting degree of transparency that instills faith in investors who might be hesitant to part with their hard-earned money.

Earn Cryptocurrency from Arbitao while also Profiting from Arbitrage Trading
The Arbitao team have integrated four methods by which potential investors can generate profit. The first is the exclusive, multidimensional arbitrage trading platform which offers investors daily returns that vary depending on the amount of the initial investment. Funds are placed into four tiered trading pools, with a minimum investment of $100 going to the bronze pool. Deposits into the bronze pool are locked in for 240 days and earn 0.5% per day and investors are able to determine what to do with the principal investment along with the 120% profit after this period has passed. An investment of $10,000 or more would automatically be sent to the platinum pool, where a 0.75% daily return would be earned over the 120 day holding period. Furthermore, as more investors join the platform, the ATAO token should also increase in value.

Another avenue potential investors can explore is staking their excess funds and those willing to leave their surplus tokens in the ATAO wallet will earn even more cryptocurrency. As Arbitao meets their milestones, users can expect to see improved functionality with cloud computing being planned as the first addition. The contributions from cloud computing will feed back into Arbitao solution rooms, which in turn, lead to better financial decisions, combat market volatility and stabilise the entire cryptocurrency market.

Investors can benefit financially by inviting their family and friends even if they are unable to directly invest on their own. This affiliate program entitles the original investor to at least an 18% return of the principal amount invested by new members. The three levels of incentives on offer allow investors maximize their earnings potential while also bringing more investors into the Arbitao community.

Arbitao is a fantastic platform for investors who are looking for a relatively hands off approach to profitably trading cryptocurrencies and it stands well above the competition. Investors have a greater degree of control over range of trading options and the program is open to users with small deposits. Projected returns are transparent and guaranteed, while competitive trading fees allow investors to put more profit into their pockets.

More information about the project is available on the official website:

White Paper:





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