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Daily Fluctuating Interest (DFI)
I was recently added to a telegram group and found a gem. It’s called Youbull. If you want to actually get paid in DEFI this is what you need to invest into. They can give you up to 10,000% interest in a day. It sounds fake but you really could win huge because of the way they organize the interest set up. Instead of fixed or floating interest they fluctuate the interest payouts daily using an algorithm. That way instead of us sharing the interest, all the wallets take turns going to the moon and when your wallet moons you can take your winnings and celebrate. The full range is between -99% and +10,000%, the negative interest days don’t matter since everyone will eventually have a high interest day that moons them.

I did the math to prove this is possible:

Lets start off with a 100M TVL, the size of an average successful DEFI project

80% will go to the strategy pool for lending

According to the telegram they can safely get up to at least 94% APY, which is completely reasonable if you know what you’re doing in DEFI.
94%-140% APY

This gives us roughly 75M generated within the year, minus the 3% fee, leaving almost 73M
75,200,000 - 3% fee = 72,944,000

If you add this back to the idle pool we’ll get slightly under 88M in the pool for the entire year
72,944,000 + 15,000,000 = 87,944,000

If you were to divide that sum amongst a full year Youbull would be able to give out up to 240K daily to all the liquidity providers, which is a lot of money.
87,944,000 / 365 = 240,942

This is insane because even after the payouts are given, the strategy pool will still have the 80M it started with and can still collect more interest. All of this starts to look even more promising as the TVL increases. If everyone were to leave their sh*t/meme coins and invest into this we could see huge returns for everyone involved. It’s a new spin on interest and I have to say its better than the fixed and floating interest models traditionally given. Why share the interest evenly when we can all take turns winning the jackpot.

The cherry on top is Youbull has also invented a new coin concept called a Rarecoin. A Rarecoin has two interesting properties. It has a minting ratio that is tied to ETH starting at a 4:1 ratio (Rarecoin:ETH) and every month the amount of Rarecoins minted per 1 ETH deposited will be halved. The combo of ETHs price going up, due to its newly deflationary nature, and the months going by will result in less Rarecoins(This concept is not only intriguing but it benefits the early investors the most, so get in now). This will create an extremely scarce asset that could shake up the DEFI space much like Stablecoins have(The Rarecoins can be used for other functions specified on the site, check it out for more info). This project has a lot of promise and I implore everyone to look into it and invest if you want to moon. The website is I’m excited about this and looking forward to its success.


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