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Author Topic: SupaDupa's Pro Guide to Litecoin Stratum Mining (Windows) *UPDATED* 04/08/2013  (Read 2678 times)

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SupaDupa's Pro Guide to Litecoin Stratum Mining (Windows) *UPDATED April 8th 2013*:
ProTip: Stratum replaces the now obsolete getworks with a much more efficient push/pull/poll. Stratum introduces the new Pay on Target mining algorithm which involves mining extremely high difficulty shares for an attempt at much larger reward payouts but is not available on Notroll Pool as it is a strictly PPS Pool.
1. Download CGMiner 2.11.4 *Must be version 2.10.3 or higher to enable Stratum mining* @
2. Sign Up to Notroll Pool @
3. Create a shortcut to CGMiner 2.11.4
4. Right click on your newly made CGMiner 2.11.4 shortcut and go to Properties under the target field go to the very end press spacebar and type in -o stratum+tcp:// yourusername.1 -p 12345 --scrypt --shaders numberofshadersyourcardshavehere -I intensityyouwanthere -g numberofgputhreadsyouwanthere
5. Click Ok on the shortcut
6. If all goes well you should now be mining Litecoins via Stratum Mining
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Hello there SupaDupa, is CG Miner good for newbies like me? Is it easy to use when mining? Still learning lots of stuff about bitcoins. Thank you so much!  :)
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