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Author Topic: [ann]The REAL cryptocurrency revolution: A cryptocurrency lending platform devot  (Read 615 times)

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This is basically a site where people can deposit cryptocurrency and lend it to the site, and the site makes profits through arbitrage trading and analyzing chart patterns to accurately predict rises and falls of cryptocurrency prices. With a set interest rate paid to investors as their share of the trading profits.
This platform has several advantages over competitors including:

-the ability to invest a variety of cryptocurrencies (many competitors only accept bitcoin)
-the ability to cash out your investment any time (competitors force you to keep your crypto coins on loan for a specified period of time)
-real traders are used to make profitable cryptocurrency trades (not trading bots or automated programs)
-more sustainable interest rates (many fraudulent/ponzi investment platforms offer insanely high interest rates that are not sustainable and ultimately end in the site closing down and investors losing their money, this platform places an emphasis on investor's long-term finances and will not allow his to happen) :)


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