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Author Topic: [Bitcoin] Bitcoin registers a new all-time record to its price - over $ 5.100 !  (Read 435 times)

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World most-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, smashed a new record to its price today - over 5.100 USD dollars for 1 BTC!

Bitcoin has gone trough different price rates along the years. Starting with 2009, Bitcoin was estimated at $ 0, highlighting the start of a new cryptocurrency era. Later in 2010, people started finding out the new virtual coin, so the price increased to a little over $ 0.38. Over the next 3 years, Bitcoin went trough different prices between $ 10 and the highest price to that times - $ 14. 2014 was a boom for Bitcoin. The price on January 01, 2014 was a stunning price between 700 and 950 dollars. This was just the beginning of the cryptocurrency and the whole virtual economy. Banks started adopting Bitcoins to maximize their profits. Stores went viral by offering to customers a new way of payment, instant, with their phone - only seconds to pay for a soda can! The next years after 2014 is just history. Bitcoin was officially the main cryptocurrency of the internet. Mining them was now a solid source of income, and new companies were rising up, their main target being Bitcoin. With the best price of over $ 1.000 for Bitcoin from the start of 2017, now on 12th of October, 2017, Bitcoin's price registers the all-time record of over 5.000 dollars!
Its stunning how things are evolving trough the time. Those who predicted earlier in 2014, that Bitcoin will 'disastrous' increase, in a good way, were right. Bitcoin is now worth over $ 5.000 dollars.

Just imagine if you bought some Bitcoins late in 2014 for, lets say, $ 100. Do the math and you will find you would get rich as hell, with only a little investment of $ 100. There are actually people who did the trick. :)

Bitcoin is so hard to predict. Its price can go up and down in minutes. You should be really skilled to earn some good money, instead of losing your investment. But over all, its worth it!

So, to not to continue talking about this, you should better get up and put your 'dirty' hands on some Bitcoins.


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