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Amazing!!! today I earned $14easily and I get more and more in the MVU Cloud Mi

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thanks, bro

if anyone interested in MVU, please use my referral link. if you are worried, you don't need to invest, just register and complete some tasks that can earn money without spend money. Bro, use my referral link

Sebastian Yandow:
HAHAHAHA.....too hard Coral

At the beginning of April, I find a website- MVU Cloud Mining
I think I was one of the first one to eat crab, so I get great profits-$2000
So how did I do?
to be honest, I'm a novice in cryptocurrency. so I am very cautious, I first looked at the 3-day contract, its period is very short, which can ecovery my costs quickly .
$16 3-day hashrate for new users(off the shelf now)​

In April ETH's prce:
1M=0.0006ETH 1ETH=$2000

During three days, we have 150M every day. So , I could earn:
-$16(the package I cost)=$27
NOTICE!!!! At that time I find we can register accounts as many as we can!!!
fortunately, I seize the chance, and register about 50 accounts and get almost $1500 in a week.

Get 3-day 280MH/s hashrate contract(off the shelf now)​

Then MVU provide. a new short-term contract, which is also very beneficial for uses. I bought this contant on Apr. 28th.
On that day in MVU, we could get about 0.054 ETH for a hash rate of 280MH/s, which is equivalent to $14.5. I get $14.5*3-$29=$14.5
14- day Special offfer ETH hashrate(off the shelf now)​

On the same day, I also bought this contract, I get about 0.05734 ETH for a hashrate of 200MH/s in 14 days, which is equivalent to $145.(0.05433*$2669) The contract only cost you $99. I can get $46 after 14 days. Luckily, the prise of ETH is rising in that period of time. So actually I get $63at last. It’s very cost-effective.
Affiliate program​

I also tried the affiliate program of MVU, but I only invite 9 people. And this program is not off the shelf. I think yo will earn more than me.
Look, it’s my invitation record. I get about $215.

Complete some simple tasks to get about $10(START FREE)​
click "profile"-"my asset", you will find some simple tasks to complete, suach as reading an areicle, invite a friend and so on. They are all simple and at most take you 5 minutes, you can get about  $10 without investing.
$39 90-day hashrate for new users​

The contract period is 90 days, and 1MH/s is for $39. According to the ETH price now, the total income for 90 days is about $54.54. The profit is $54.54-$39=$15.54.
The limited quantity of $39 90-day is 1000. If you buy 1000 of $39 90-day contracts, your total cost is $39,000. I bought 20 contracts. And I withdraw every day. The minum of withdraw of eth is 0.02 in MVU. But there is no service fee in MVU because MVU use Binance.

If you are interested in mvu, you can click MVU here to register.
I think you can expeience its tasks, $39 contracts and its affiliate program.
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