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Author Topic: another china making BTC !  (Read 1826 times)

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another china making BTC !
« on: November 26, 2013, 06:30:50 AM »

So yesterday I stayed all night up coding program to get btc. It is not yet done but its very cool. It actually makes profit for others and for me too. So basically idea is you send BTC from 1-3 and you get double back. Is this even possible and how? This is very expensive game tho..  but worth trying for gamblers as I know many there are.

So the program is you send BTC 1-3 from your wallet adress with your IP to the adress I set up in program. Now when the wallet receives the bitcoins program does some counting and it sets up that every thirds person who sends BTC from 1-3 will get 2x back. So why is it only 1-3 BTC not 0.001 or something else? This is because to code for 0.0001 is fantastically very hard, I even chose to use practically the same code for setting up the preferences for program to count receivers and to send btc back.

 As you can understand from the code I did pretty much the same combinations for maximum of 3 BTC for program to read and 3 people for program to pick. So anyways this is a gamble for you because every 3rd person will get 2x bitcoins back, now first of all I can make that every 10 person or every 100 person can get double back but this will require more coding and less possibility to win so its not worth it, according to calculations the easiest way to code all this is by setting from 1-3 BTC. I cannot set any less than 1 to be 0.something because I literally dont know how to do that Im not that good enough in code but yeah. So this is not a virus or not some crazy hack this is gamble which gives you 33.3333% of winning your bitcoins 2x back.

In easy words you send selected amount of bitcoin only from 1-3 to online server adress, in 12-24h the server wallet will receive the coins and put your adress with ip in the line according by time. Then Once server gets at least 3 people with total ammount of  1-9 btc server counts and sends automatically double ammount of bitcoin to the 3rd person who sent. transaction will be 12-24h. however the more people use it the longer transaction takes. it can be up to +6h more to wait depend on server demand. so example if you send 1 bitcoin if you end up 3rd you get 2 bitcoins for 33.333% and u get them in basically 24- 54h. Right now 25.11.2013 server is working and is online with adress 1FuCxGK4qppw5SNWp9iZUU8AfiCVTMNGWc to complete all process it will take from 24-54h. Im working on 2nd server now to decrease waiting time for transaction. In case of server failior/crash to make the process more secure ive made that all waiting users in line over 24h will be auto cancelled and your coins will be delivered back to adress u sent from.

So how I profit from this? I have family and I live in Vietnam and we have very bad situation, I work In IT company but it doesnt pay off, I tried to think many ways to earn extra money for help my son
and 2 daughters attend their wanted hobbies and help my wife to cure bad diseases from her organism. Life is tough in vietnam and is not any easy to live when my brother lost his house in storm and recently lives in our place and I do my best to help him and his family. I believe this program is going to change btc lottery world and I hope I can be a part of it. I make money out of it when somebody wants to bid more than 2 bitcoins so if all 3 people bid for 1 coin I get nothing but if somebody is bidding like 1, 2 , 2  so 3rd guy is getting 4 bitcoins and I make 1 bitcoin. Thats fair for people who play and for me also. I dont intend to get rich from this but I just want to get out of the thousands of bills , help my brother get new home and help my family in best way.

I dont know if this lotto program will work for you guys as a bitcoin making machine I dont know if you accept it or not but its a way and is going to be really good program for gamblers.

If you question my IT skills, I can say I am actually pretty good I was awarded in google vietnam of my good job in vietnam it company where we had to  made good assignment task for google vietnam

RIght now i actually have rented a server where Im to store all data and it costs in vietnam very much. if there will be any good user feedbacks I shall buy more servers to help you guys out to get bring more people on board.

So at the moment I have set up all requirements for working in server but is not final until i release lotto in program style for download, this program dont take any password it just need your IP to get your bitcoins back to same IP in your specific adress. this is working online as it should be but i need to make the program in order of server crash. I do not expect my rented server can keep up with many people demanding count logs an send back my server rented is not very strong but with program is less power needed from server because program does it half of the counting for the server. So lets say you send from internet any bitcoin wallet 1 bitcoin to the server so then server has to find your ip first and then put you into line of 3 people and then count next 2 people but program allows to send your 1 bitcoin already with ip adress that server dont need to scan your ip separately which takes time and I did not put any great code line into server for it to count ip adresses because i dont know any better solutions than the one I did now.

This is lot of explanation I hope you understood, im sorry for my english , im not native english speaker. I hope you try out the service and see for your self the results. Today is 25.11.2013 05:17am and Im posting this to internet. I will post the program soon, the program will not need to install only run for ip check. My name is Thai Huyen if you feel like helping today it would be appretiated very much with send small donation of bitcoin to my adress 1KK4yEnmALN88dwS3hShjZokxaTXdktx8T

this my brother house after storm

this is me

this is my dauthgers

and my son


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