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Author Topic: Any safe project/platform accepting BTC as investment and giving BTC dividends?  (Read 73 times)

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Please if you know any good, safe and reliable one – post here as reply, and I will consider.
I don’t mind for your referral links, let them be there, if you show me something good and honest, it is OK that you earn on it.
Project/platform must be running at least since 2018, and no issues with law and stoppage of service since start.
If it is just investment platform with no clear project behind it to justify dividends, then it MUST be with compliance with SEC and MUST have clear visible fiscal entity behind it (company) from countries which pay TAX (so no offshore)
If it is BTC investment on project/coin , same project/coin must be healthy ,working and have usage case which can justify dividends in BTC.
I am interesting ONLY to invest in BTC, and to get dividends in BTC. Great plus is if my funds are not locked longer than one month so that I am free to withdraw principal in not more than 1 month if needed.
DO not send me personal messages offering links and scams , you will be blocked without reading. I will look only post here as reply to my topic.
I have already invested 3 BTC in one good project, and I am getting regularly dividends every week in last 35 weeks, so I am VERY happy there. If somebody wants to know more about it, those personal messages I will read and reply when I can.
I want to try to find this way another project/platform that I like, and invest not less than 2 BTC , per project.
Thanks in advance.


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