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Are you spending your Bitcoin?

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I just read this:

Makes an interesting point.  If we buy stuff with BTC and the company just sells it for cash right away, it's probably not good for the BTC price.

What do you think?  Will shopping with BTC be good or bad for BTC?

[font=Söhne]It's crucial to find a balance between spending Bitcoin and preserving its value as a digital asset.[/font]

I keep a part of the received funds in the form of BTC.

Yes, I do still hold my Bitcoins. I believe in the long-term value and potential of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. I see them as a solid investment for the future. However, please note that investing in cryptocurrencies carries a certain level of risk, as the market can be quite volatile. As with any investment, it's important to do your own research and make decisions based on your own financial situation and risk tolerance.

OH YEAH! I drive it back and forth and have good cream from this action

no, waiting for the price to go up


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