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Are you spending your Bitcoin?

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I just read this:

Makes an interesting point.  If we buy stuff with BTC and the company just sells it for cash right away, it's probably not good for the BTC price.

What do you think?  Will shopping with BTC be good or bad for BTC?

It will be good when companies start holding BTC instead of instantly converting it to USD.  I've heard that Overstock keeps a portion of the funds received as BTC.

If we do spend it, we drive the price down today, if we don't it won't grow in the future... tough choice :)

Hi! I think whatever we are going to do with  Bitcoins to keep or spend them, the price will go up and down during some period, maybe within 5 years untill the whole world learn about it. But I'm sure some new generation  coins will  overbeat Bitcoin and their price will probably be higher. Bitcoin  opened new gates for IT developers, showed them a new direction in IT sphere, so they (devs.) won't stop.   That's my opinion but time will show. Nice to meet you and best regards.

I hope the price settles, otherwise it will only be an intermediary for micro transactions...


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