Author Topic: Bitcoin Seed Phrase Hack Highlights Wallet Security Risks  (Read 565 times)

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Bitcoin Seed Phrase Hack Highlights Wallet Security Risks
« on: April 28, 2023, 06:15:20 AM »

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Bitcoin wallet security reminder: 12-word seed phrase cracked in 30 mins.The successful cracking of a 12-word seed phrase by a systems architect highlights the importance of Bitcoin wallet security. Andrew Fraser managed to break the code and win a bounty of 100,000 Satoshi, worth $29, in just under 30 minutes using BTCrecover, a software application available on GitHub. A seed phrase is a string of random words that acts as a master key to a Bitcoin wallet, and this successful hack serves as a reminder of the importance of keeping seed phrases secure and offline.Fraser emphasized that 12-word seed phrases are secure if they remain unknown to attackers, or if a passphrase is used as a 13th seed word in the wallet derivation path. While a 12-word seed phrase has around half a billion possible combinations when the order of the words is unknown, 24-word seeds offer significantly more security with roughly 6.24^24 possible combinations. Fraser stressed that anyone with a basic knowledge of Python scripts and the Bitcoin protocol should be able to replicate his success.Seed phrase security is crucial for Bitcoin users after a successful hackThis successful hack is a timely reminder to Bitcoin users to ensure that their seed phrases are never published or shared online, nor stored in password managers or cloud storage solutions. Seed keys should be kept secret, and a passphrase should be used in the derivation path of the wallet to improve security.The use of seed phrases is not unique to Bitcoin wallets, and they are often used to protect other forms of digital assets. Seed phrases are generated randomly and are designed to be easy to remember, while still providing a high level of security. The importance of seed phrase security cannot be overstated, as once a seed phrase has been compromised, an attacker can sweep the wallet and access all of its funds.Although a 24-word seed phrase may provide enhanced security, it is crucial to acknowledge that the likelihood of a hacker cracking a 12-word seed phrase is minimal. Nevertheless, individuals must take all essential measures to safeguard their seed phrases and avoid sharing or posting them on the internet.In conclusion, the successful cracking of a 12-word seed phrase serves as a timely reminder to Bitcoin users to take their security seriously. Users must ensure that their seed phrases are kept offline, and secret and that they use a passphrase in the derivation path of their wallets to improve security. With the ever-increasing value of Bitcoin and other digital assets, it is essential to maintain the highest possible level of security to protect against potential attacks.


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