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Author Topic: Bots can be different! The whole truth about Spacebot  (Read 161 times)

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Bots can be different! The whole truth about Spacebot
« on: May 14, 2020, 10:37:12 AM »
In order to monitor the trading process round the clock and to resist the crypto market’s volatility traders become increasingly reliant on trading bots. But not all them are the same, and that’s why                                     

Opportunities that you should not neglect

Crypto trading is a tricky thing. Unlike stock markets, crypto markets do not suspend work in crisis times, and that’s a challenge not only for newcomers but for experienced traders as well.     

Crypto markets are highly volatile. If you are a trader you might be familiar with the feeling of huge financial losses or, on the contrary, large profits. But things have changed since the appearance of crypto bots. They do not require emotional costs and are able to close deals faster than you say the word “HODL”.

As a result, such bots are becoming increasingly popular. As the crypto space is being filled with new users, smart investors have to search for new ways to outwit the competition.

Trading bots are represented by computer software and trading systems based on pre-established automatic strategies. The retail markets sometimes call them robots.

This term can be used to refer both a trading script that you`ve designed on the computer and multi-million systems used by HFT Quant Funds on Wall Street.

Another advantage of such bots is high speed of transaction processing since they generally operate on high-capacity servers which open and close deals instantly.

Nevertheless, the main benefit of the algorithm is absence of emotional costs. But all of that still doesn't guarantee success.

There are other kinds of crypto bots. These are bots equipped with the function of PoS-algorithm coins` paramining.

Space Bot and its features

Space Bot is an effective and convenient tool which provides an opportunity to earn up to 21% income per month with PoS coins paramining.

The mathematical algorithm implied by this tool enables you to deposit crypto in the mining pool. This is what allows you to get higher percentage from the total amount of mined crypto (because of the great number of users included in the pool) than if you mined it on your own.

The bot provides investors with an up to 21% profit per month by increasing the paramining coefficient. The maximum profit is reached by using both personal wallet and wallets of the PoS coin network partners, making it possible to reach the highest coefficient for all partners regardless of the amount delegated for paramining.

Coins mined by team paramining are distributed daily and available for withdrawal. If you don`t withdraw coins you may reinvest them to get higher income.

This crypto bot has clear advantages:

No need for expensive equipment;

No huge energy costs;

Available for Android and iOS;

No need for instant internet access;

Minimum entry fee (100 coins in your wallet).

Currently it is one of the most advanced crypto mining tools. Like any self-respecting bots it also has a mobile version. is a transparent and effective app for mining and generating crypto which enables each user to get up to 21% income everywhere in the world. All you need is a smartphone.

The income rate depends on two factors:

Amount of coins in personal wallet;

Parnters` accounts in the affiliate program .

The equitable distribution of coins starts once you have joined SpaceBot, and each of users get the maximum profit due to the high rate of remuneration.

Daily profit is calculated depending on the amount of crypto assets in your account .

Advantageous features of the Bot:

Daily coin distribution;

Opportunity to withdraw coins at any time;

Profitable partnership program consisting of 9 levels (6% at the entry level);

Usability and ease of use;

Fast growing community of MLM paramatrix admirers;

Additional bonuses and possibilities for active users.

All of these benefits have helped SpaceBot to gain high popularity, and therefore millions of traders have already joined its community.


Even despite crypto trading has become more complicated over the last month, retail traders still have some attractive options.

Although the arbitrage opportunities are being taken over by HFT companies and the crypto trading robots are not always as effective as desired, you still have a possibility to earn on profitable solutions like SpaceBot.

The times bring new solutions, so this innovative way of mining
is a real revolution. And SpaceBot is an armored truck to withstand and win.

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Re: Bots can be different! The whole truth about Spacebot
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2020, 02:54:44 PM »
Thank you for the detailed information!



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