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Bitcoin Skype Security Question Copy and Paste
« on: August 21, 2018, 05:33:43 PM »

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If i add someone on skype who wants to exchange my bank funds for their bitcoin funds, lets just say this person is in a forum but is a reputable poster.  Its not this forum but another forum.  I do trades like this in another forum but its almost always with someone i done a few transactions with and trust.[/size]First off, if i add them on skype and just speak to them via chat and do not click on anything such as link or pictures he sends or video chat, am i safe from this poster sending me a virus etc?  Is there anyway he could send me malware just by adding me on skype and me accepting and all i do is chat?The thing is if im sending bank funds to his account and then supply him the btc address i want him to send it to, well then as long as he is legit, he will send the btc to me without any problems right?The other thing that i just bought is this.Let say i have btc and i want bank funds or say skrill from someone.  They first send me the bank or skrill funds.  When they give me their btc address by copying their btc address to me in skype, is there a chance that when i copy and then paste that address in my electrum wallet, there could be a virus?  Such as that btc address is actually a keylogger or trojan or malware?  I had just thought about this right now as people say don't click on suspicious links or open files from ppl you dont trust etc.  However, is it possible for keylogger or virus like this if you were to copy and paste the btc address given to you into electrum?  But if you were to paste it on say chrome search etc... that might be dangerous?  I also read about the copy and paste bitcoin virus etc where when you copy a btc address and then paste it to send to that address, it would change the address to something else.  Can you tell me if this is related to the example i used with skype such as someone giving you the btc address to send to?  Or its completely unrelated?  Because i had not thought about how someone giving you the btc address to send to... could possibly be a virus/malware?  I assume if you are somewhat skeptical, you could just manually type out their btc address to send the btc to them like that?  Of course you have to double check and make sure as you type the whole address manually.  I know im sounding very paranoid with this but since people say dont click on links etc... well this is sort of like that right?
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