Author Topic: Easiest method, least steps to sending money to bitcoin address?  (Read 5270 times)

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I have always sent cash via [censored]/Zip Zap directly to a bitcoin address using bitinstant. It was the easiest method. The chain was basically... bitinstant/zip zap/bitcoin address. The transaction appeared on mtgox but I didnt have to deposit money in mtgox and make the transaction. Bitinstant made the currency exchange using a 3rd party and the bitcoins went directly to a bitcoin address.

As bitinstant no longer does these transactions does anyone know a easy way to send money directly to a bitcoin address? I do not want to use an exchange or a wallet as why should I do this transaction in 4 steps when one can do it in 2. Or at least I used to be able to do this!? Now I need to find a new way as bitinstant no longer sends directlly to a bitcoin address!?

So, what is the easiest way to send money to a bitcoin address, making payment locally?  Cry  Smiley

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Re: Easiest method, least steps to sending money to bitcoin address?
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Fundfone offers best value newbielink: [nonactive] fees, great exchange rates, Safety using a simple online process backed up by a high level of customer service in Australia. I have used Fundfone on many occasions to send money abroad.
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