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How did you get into bitcoin?

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I was asking myself how did I get into bitcoin and I took a little to remember.
The very beginning was when I was about to buy a graphic card... I was googling it.

And you?
Started discussing gold and silver with friends and noticed it's similarities to bitcoin.  Both are undervalued in my opinion.

Just learned about it from a friend who'se building a mining rig.

I can't remember EXACTLY, but I am pretty sure I just stumbled upon it. I think i got one of those GOOGLE NEWS emails and was bored, clicked, read, read some more.. i guess the rest is history.

Carlos Danger:
My favorite NZB site was shut down and I wanted to join and the only form of payment they took, was BTC. I was thinking what the hell is BTC and how do I get some. Mining hashing, it just seemed weird. Finally figured out how to buy some and paid 60 for about 10btc. Lost interest till the big rise and my wallet that was worth about 20 buck was now worth about 400. Now a year later I hares in three mining companies, and mine on a small scale with 1 7970 and 5 Block Erupters using MinePeon on a R Pi.

I was actually searching for a casino website which leads me to bitcoingg and through then I've tried to research about bitcoins and got interested with the p2p transaction also googling it and find some source at reddit  :)


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