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How did you get into bitcoin?

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I was asking myself how did I get into bitcoin and I took a little to remember.
The very beginning was when I was about to buy a graphic card... I was googling it.

And you?

I started dealing with bitcoin for two years on the recommendation of my friend, who was already well invested in cryptocurrency and was doing technical analysis for stocks at the time. I was very interested in it, and then I invested my first $200.

Back when it was just a couple hundred bucks a coin, I did some freelance work for a guy who ran a small investment site. He offered to pay me in BTC, I had no idea what it was (I actually thought he was trying to scam me) and I refused. Eventually, he paid me through PayPal and I thought I had dodged a bullet.

A couple of years later, I took on some jobs for a site that worked with Ask Gamblers and Coinbuzz. As part of the process, I was asked to sign up for a BTC wallet, go through the process, and show what it was like for a new player to invest in BTCs and use them to gamble. That's when I first saw the value of BTCs and...well, let's just say I wasn't very happy. On the plus side, I bought a few hundred bucks' worth and it started the wheels turning for me.

With that initial job, I took a payment that equated to about 1 month's salary. If I had accepted bitcoin and sold them at their peak, it would be more than I have made in my 20+ year career.

I found out about it back in 2016, but didn't invest in it... After the high and ATH of 21k, I waited for a drop to buy it, and at the same time I started studying bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

I was reading a Wired article on Bitcoin and the Silk Road back in April 2011 or so.

 I saw a random thread posted on reddit, so I did some research and played around with it.


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