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How did you get into bitcoin?

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I was asking myself how did I get into bitcoin and I took a little to remember.
The very beginning was when I was about to buy a graphic card... I was googling it.

And you?

Funny enough, my introduction to Bitcoin was purely accidental. I was actually looking for gaming tips when I stumbled upon its fascinating concept.

Jennifer Lucas:
I got into Bitcoin after witnessing its potential to revolutionize the financial industry and empower individuals with financial sovereignty. Its decentralized nature and the promise of a borderless, digital currency intrigued me, leading me to dive into the world of Bitcoin.

I was studying BSc electrical engineering when one of my teacher introduced me to BTC. It was 2013 and I was not much intrested in Bitcoin. However, after experincing the bull run of 2019, I was convinced to invest in bitcoin so I put all of my savings into it. Now after the bull run oveer, I am in 90% loss. Lolz, it was my first investment in cryptocurrency and I lost 90% of my porfolio in Luna coin. blovenetwork. online

I heard about Bitcoin at a friendly party and went looking for it to keep up with my friends :))

oh yeah i did the same


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