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how to create paper wallet

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I'm new here but still don't get why you can't use a computer random number generator? What is the risk

Just get yourself a secure bitcoin cold wallet to keep your Bitcoin safe. A paper wallet can be lost over time or deteriorate while a hardware wallet will digitally encrypt your personal keys.

I am not exactly someone who is master with these things, but I know something that will help in regard to Paper Wallet. It’s through Cryptolinks, as they have links of everything, including the proper guidance of Paper Wallet and the way towards the top site.

So, I believe these are the type of things that can be extremely helpful and beneficial for a beginner. At least, it is something that helped me. Good luck

but for what is this paper wallet? can't get the idea of it

Creating bitcoin wallet is easy or not? If, it's easy? then, any IT company can this for me, as well as how much they charge for the same?


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