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how to create paper wallet

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Even if it's scrawled on a scrap of paper from your notebook, any public and private key pair can be used as a crypto wallet. However, it is no longer recommended to use paper wallets as a secure crypto storing technique, especially for large amounts of money. As a result, you could want to construct one for fun, curiosity, or as a present. Many people advise merely putting a modest amount of money in a paper wallet, such as $1 or less. You could even make a wallet with nothing in it and still reap the benefits.

Although there are ways to manually generate a private key, the vast majority of paper wallet creators use a private key generator. Once a private and public key have been created, you are able to print a paper wallet, which because it’s not online doubles as a cold storage wallet. This will include the public and private key you’ve generated, usually as both a string of characters and QR codes.
[/size]Anyone with a paper wallet’s public key can send crypto to it as often as they like. Using the corresponding private key, you can move the crypto balance of the paper wallet into a software wallet. This transfers the funds to a new private key on your software wallet.

It seems to me that each type of wallet has its pros and cons, and it seems to me that keeping all your money in only one place is stupid, so I have a certain percentage of assets on an electronic wallet and in a paper one


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