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I want bitcoins. How do i get them easily?


I would like to get some bitcoins but I don't know any easy way to get them. Mining is not really my thing because I don't have powerful computer and don't want to invest new one. Please tell me some good ways to get bitcoins. Or if someone would give me some bitcoins even really small amount. Here is my bitcoin adress: 1FfUD2WcCB5UDnavE8tZ943D24svH8MYd4. Thx in advance.

Due to increase in hash rate/difficulty of mining, more miners choose to participate in pool mining. In fact, you can generate cash every 15 minutes in pool mining unlike solo mining which you will wait for ages to gain a single coin. Based on my research, "every time any solution for this task is found, it is sent to the pool server. Pool server counts how many possible solutions you've sent. Finally, one of the solutions will possibly match strong requirements of Bitcoin algorithms. Mining pool will be granted with 25 BTC for each correct solution. When any user of the mining pool sends a solution of the block, the pool will start distribution of earned bitcoins among participants. All users of the pool who sent some possible solutions for the block will receive a reward that is calculated according to the number of shares sent. The more time your computer mines, the more bitcoins you get".

If you have special skills like website design or programing etc offer your service for bitcoins.

I get bitcoin easily by just playing in online casinos such as the Betcoin™. By just signing up to this website, you can instantly earn free bitcoin aside from what you will get when you play casino games.

Carlos Danger:
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