Author Topic: Innovation future :we can learn to bitcoin  (Read 3163 times)

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Innovation future :we can learn to bitcoin
« on: May 20, 2014, 09:00:47 AM »

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1.Non-centralization trust enjoys enormous potentiality .Bitcoin agreement is one of the most notable aspects to provide the trust .It subverts the traditional viewpoint .Until now ,non-centralization is mainly used in promoting financial trade .But actually ,it can do more things ,referring to songs ,films and so on .

2.Innovation also can be non-centralization .We don’t know where is his home of Satoshi Nakamoto in his thought .But we know that bitcoin and encrypt currency innovation will appear fast in the future all over the world .No company or area can claim that they “own”encrypt currency .But almost all companies may give us new idea everyday .Many articles are about innovating centralization.For example ,in Silicon Valley ,successful companies foster many elitist to make more money .But encrypt currency shows another working mode to us :we can cooperate with all people through internet comfortably ,and it will produce unbelievable innovation .

3.The decrease of digital saving cost opens the door of latest design system .You must remember the day that it’s expensive for us to use digital saving .Bitcoin may deal with the problem .Bitcoin agreement is a good example to decrease saving cost .Its saving ,connection and calculation are in advance ,building up a successful system .
4.The innovation paper released on the internet makes big effect .Because the paper may suffer much comment which may promote bitcoin development .Meanwhile ,more and more people may know more about bitcoin circumstance and future .

5.Innovative education is the same important as innovation itself .After MtGox went bankruptcy ,CNNMoney has released a report to suspect bitcoin future .However ,new cycle has formed ,the viewpoint today may affect tomorrow .So ,today ,successful innovation is not only from technology ,but also for people who spend time searching and making up the policy .

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