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Author Topic: Satoshi’s Million Dollar Baby: The Inevitability of Million Dollar Bitcoin  (Read 1095 times)

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Bitcoin is about to become Satoshi’s million dollar baby.

When the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto gave birth to Bitcoin on the third of January, 2009, he had no idea of the cataclysmic, sweeping repercussions of his unique solution to the double-spend problem. Although he was neither a superhero programmer nor a superstar mathematician, he conjured up an idea that would change the world forever.

The notion of million-dollar Bitcoin may seem damnably unrealistic, but consider that Bitcoin – trading for pennies in 2009 – has soared to almost $1000 USD. From a humble dollar to a cool g-note represents a 100,000% rise. From a thousand dollars to one million dollars is also a 100,000% rise. Bitcoin’s track record for spectacular appreciation is indisputable.  Here's why ...



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