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Colombian attacking midfielder, James Rodríguez, set to continue working with Libertex
James Rodríguez, the attacking midfielder of the Colombian national team and Bayern Munich, will continue working with Libertex, the best trading application in 2017 according to the Forex Awards.
"James is one of the most popular and successful football players in the world. His image is great for emphasizing the key advantages of the Libertex trading platform, which is used by more than 2.2 million people around the world," said Michael Geiger, CEO of Forex Club.
"Collaboration with James, who is taking part in the World Cup in 2018 in Russia with the Columbian national team, will help strengthen the position of the Libertex brand in all of the markets which our company covers" said Matt Krivoshein, Marketing Director of Forex Club Libertex.
James Rodríguez, in turn, noted: "To achieve success in professional football, you have to hone your skills every day and keep pushing forwards towards your goal. In the world of finance, the same rule applies and for that I’m happy to continue my association with Libertex.”
About James Rodríguez:
James Rodríguez is a Colombian footballer, who plays as an attacking midfielder for Bayern Munich and Colombia. He made his debut at the Colombian football club, "Envigado". In 2014, James won the FIFA Puskás Award, named after Ferenc Puskás, and was also the top goal scorer at the World Cup. He was also hailed as the man of the year in Colombia and the athlete of the year in America in 2014. James Rodríguez was part of the symbolic team of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. In 2017, Bayern Munich signed James on loan from Real Madrid for two seasons with the subsequent right of purchase.
About Libertex
Libertex is an international brand with a 20-year history of working in the financial market and the field of online trading. Libertex offers a wide array of financial tools and helps traders trade effectively in stocks, currencies, indices, commodities, gold, oil, and gas. The Libertex team supports more than 2.2 million customers from Latin America, Europe and Asia with first-class service. About 200 trading tools are available on Libertex. In 2016, Libertex was recognized as the best trading platform by the ForexEXPO Awards and the best trading application in the Eurasian Economic Union under the Global Banking and Finance Review. In 2017, the Forex Awards named Libertex the best trading application and cryptocurrency broker.


Maximum cryptocurrencies available in Libertex
Libertex trading platform announces that starting from May 23rd traders can perform operations with 14 new cryptocurrency CFD instruments and 2 new currency pairs. This means that Libertex has become one of the leading applications and trading platforms for EU traders in terms of amount of cryptocurrencies available.
Cryptocurrencies are one of the main trends in financial industry for the past couple of years. The demand for these assets grows significantly. We are happy to  satisfy the demand of European traders for new innovative crypto-instruments launching them in our cutting edge Libertex platform.
New instruments list:
•   BTGBTC (Bitcoin Gold / Bitcoin)
•   USDZAR (US Dollar/ South African rand)
•   USDTRY (US Dollar / Turkish lira)
Among the whole list of 40 cryptocurrency CFDs traders can find such as Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, IOTA and many others. One can find the whole list of new cryptocurrencies available at Libertex


European Markets Falling Facing G7 Issues

Last week was overall negative for the European stock markets, with nearly all major indices going down. Thus, UK's FTSE 100 lost 0.78% over the week, and was trading at 7681.07 by the end of the trading session Friday. France's major CAC40 was also in the red losing 0.42% and declining to 5450.22.
Meanwhile, Germany's DAX was short just 0.03%, trading at 12,766.55 Friday evening. Still, the overall trend was negative, and this can be because of the manufacturing orders decline. As such, April manufacturing orders in Germany came 1% lower, while the analysts were expecting a 0.30% growth. With manufacturing orders going down for four months in a row, and the export data, another major indicator for German economy, falling 0.3% short, too, the negative trend can be clearly visible.
Two largest banks in both Germany and the EU, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, were in the red on Friday, too. The shares fell by 2.1% and 1.8%, respectively, as Deutsche Bank Chair Paul Achleitner mentioned the potential merger of the two banks that are in competition with one another. Meanwhile, Lloyds, a major bank in the UK, lost 1.20% in market cap because of Standard Life share selloff. The insurance company itself also lost in price, its shares declining by 3.6%.
Infineon Technologies AG, the largest microchip producer in the EU, went up by 0.9% after good forecasts on the revenue and news on future massive investments in manufacturing. The analysts expect the revenue to grow by at least 10% next year, while before it was just 8%.
Siemens AG also managed to go up, by 0.3%. The German giant is merging with Alstom SA, headquartered in France, with respect to railway machinery. Last week, the companies announced the merger would be done only in 6 months, as the European Commission takes a lot of time to review it. Alstom SA shares also increased (by 0.7%) after this news came in.
Meanwhile, IBEX35 in Spain lost 0.04% and is trading at 9746.30. Italian FTSE MIB was not an exception either, losing 2.97% over the week and reaching 21,355.98.
The lower chamber of the Spanish parliament issued a vote of non-confidence to the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who stepped down shortly after. This political crisis is a menace for the business and the Spanish economy that has been growing lately. As such, IBEX grew by 1.52% last week to reach 9914.40, but the political factors are very likely to get the index down, preventing it from growing more than 1% within the coming weeks.
In Italy, the markets are heavily influenced by the budget plan uncertainty, as the new government is being formed. The fiscal situation and policy in the country may become much worse at any time. FTSE MIB added 0.35% to its value, reaching 22,119.76, but, as in Spain, it may well reverse in the nearest future. Within the next two weeks, it is likely to trade between 22,150 and 22,090.
The major reason behind the selloff in the EU markets is the tense situation and investor sentiment ahead of the G7 summit in Canada. The relations between the EU and the US have very much worsened lately, and this did influence the local stock market. Meanwhile, Trump's hawkish tone of voice makes it much more difficult for the parties to reach an agreement. The EU governments are waiting for the White House leader to 'reload' the relations between the two parties and come to terms regarding economic and trade issues. The French President Emmanuel Macron said he would not sign the G7 agreement in case no agreement between the US and the EU had been achieved. Meanwhile, Donald Trump accused the EU and Canada of 'creating barriers' against the US.
Such negative news made the euro fall against the USD by 0.7%. The common currency is now trading at 1.17821. In the coming two weeks, while the German index is likely to enter the correction phase and reach 12,800, the euro may then continue falling against the USD by 0.5% to 1.2%. Donald Trump's policy looks quite consistent, which leaves a lot of room for the EUR to follow the negative scenario. As for the EU stock benchmarks, they may continue falling across the board, as Trump's policy still has some negative influence on the European markets, too, despite the overall positive tone of the final communique.
Iván Marchena, Libertex Analyst

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The European Markets Are Staying Under the Pressure of Geopolitical Factors

The European stock market, which is still under the pressure of the developing trade conflict between China and the US, will continue to monitor the geopolitical situation, world oil prices and corporate news.
At the beginning of August, the government of the USA confirmed its plans to introduce import levy for Chinese goods and services of 200$ billion a year in total. In response, China declared that it is ready to introduce increased import levies up to 25% for 5207 names of goods from the USA with the delivery volume of about 60$ billion a year.
Alongside this, the USA have renewed the part of the sanctions against Iran. In its turn, the European Union has declared that it is going to block the implementation of these American sanctions in order to protect the interests of the EU companies.
In addition, the European traders will continue to monitor the publication of finance reports by the largest companies of this region. The reports that have been issued recently are ambiguous. 
One more reference point for the European markets will be the world dynamics of the oil prices. Earlier it became known, that the US oil reserves have decreased by 6 million barrels in a week, whereas it was expected that they would decrease only by 3.1 million barrels. That being said, the petrol reserves have increased by 3.1 million barrels, and the distillation product reserves have increased by 1.8 million barrels.

The oil prices are also influenced by the change of the oil production forecast for the USA. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) of the US Department of Energy has cut the forecast of the US oil production in 2018 to 10.7 million barrels a day. In 2019 the EIA forecast of the US oil production is 11.7 million barrels, whereas before 11.8 million barrels were expected.
At the same time, the renewal of the sanctions against Iran is a positive factor for the oil prices, because the investor expect the decrease of the Iranian oil deliveries to the world markets. The rise of oil prices may lead to buying the stocks of such European companies as British BP and French Total.

Ivan Marchena, analyst at Libertex


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