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We created LIVE REAL-TIME Crypto Currency Market Analytics with Charts (based on raw data).

Url - [nofollow]

We have analysed each complete deal made on cryptocoin market every second (using public cryptsy api data)
and have created a summary of all Cryptsy coin trading which have happened daily over the last months.

This data can be used to help you make correct decisions for investment in a specific cryptocurrency. It update every 10 min and provides a picture of
the real situation on the world crypto currency market (Cryptsy is the world's largest biggest bitcoin exchange for over 100 crypto-currency pairs).

Example -

Live List of crypto currencies with prices go UP (last two days) - [nofollow]

Live Crypto currencies with prices go DOWN (last two days) - [nofollow]

We hope you find this information useful.

Best Regards, Team


Some interesting PROFIT INFORMATION obtained by using cryptocurrency analytics [nofollow] -

According to the graphics -

A) One of biggest profit potential at this time is Fedoracoin (TIPS) on
TIPS price will probably increase a minimum of 5 times (500%). [nofollow]
Fedoracoin Current price -0.0000045 LTC (0.00000001 BTC !) [nofollow]

Fedoracoin (TIPS) Analytics -

1) Fedoracoin (TIPS) is only one currency from TOP15 selling currencies on which don't have Bitcoin exchange.
You can only buy TIPS for Litecoin and not Bitcoin directly, and therefore the current rate is very low.
Users usually don't own large amounts of LTC.

2) Fedoracoin (TIPS) are very similar to Mooncoin (MOON).
Mooncoin (MOON) has a total volume for sale of 5.7 billion coins
Fedoracoin (TIPS) have a total volume for sale of 5.5 billion coins
'Total volume for sale' is one of the main factors which have affected currency prices.

3)  Fedoracoin (TIPS) have only LTC exchange.
Mooncoin (MOON) have LTC and BTC exchange.

4) Websites popularity (according [nofollow] statistics) [nofollow]- 130,000 RANK [nofollow] - 147,000 RANK
I.e. These are visited roughly the same amount by internet users.

5) Prices
Mooncoin (MOON)   average price is 0.00000400 LTC /  0.00000010 BTC
Fedoracoin (TIPS) average price is 0.00000046 LTC / ~0.00000001 BTC (i.e. TEN times lower !)

6) Therefore in our opinion - Fedorecoin (TIPS) prices will rise fast to similar level, which have mooncoin,
when add Fedoracoin/Bitcoin exchange.
I.e. TIPS price will probably increase a minimum of 5 times (500%)

7) There already exists a petitions to add Fedoracoin/Bitcoin (TIPS/BTC) exchange to
Here is a  links - [nofollow] [nofollow]

Also have profit potential -

B) Lottocoin (LOT/BTC) -
Current price - 0.00000017 BTC (normal price should be 0.00000035 BTC) [nofollow]

C) and Earthcoin (EAC/BTC) -
Current price - 0.00000110 BTC (normal price should be 0.00000200 BTC) [nofollow]

Regards Team [nofollow]
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