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Author Topic: Radiologex Implements Maximum User Auth Security For Innovative Healthcare Indus  (Read 158 times)

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Radiologex announced this week that it has partnered with Trusona, the pioneering leader of password-less authentication, for its new all-inclusive software for medical doctors, healthcare professionals and healthcare companies. Radiologex is the world’s first and only, one-stop software ecosystem exclusively for the healthcare industry, powered by blockchain technology – and now protected by the highest level of security. Radiologex management says its product is especially relevant in light of the current novel coronavirus crisis and other health emergencies where the speed, efficiency and confidentiality of communications and data transmission is paramount.

[/size][/color]Radiologex is a real-time productivity, collaboration and information resource available via portable device-based app or via the web. Its advanced user-authentication technology and built-in KYC (Know Your Customer) includes a state-of-the-art username-less and password-less authentication option that was developed by Trusona – the world leader in the field that holds some of the largest financial services and healthcare companies as clients.[/font]
[/size][/color]Recommended AI News: KPMG Awarded U.S. Patent for Blockchain Application That Increases Trust in AI Data Management Practices[/font]
[/size][/color]“Compromised credentials are responsible for over 80 percent of breaches. Trusona’s mission is to thwart cybercrime by eliminating static credentials from the user experience,” said Ori Eisen, founder and CEO, Trusona. “Radiologex has set the bar high for security within its product and we integrated our stringent cutting-edge safeguards into their software engine for them.”[/font]
[/size][/color]“The recent appearance of novel coronavirus, and the very real possibility of a pandemic, is illuminating the need for a one-stop instant communications platform dedicated for the healthcare industry that is also equipped with a full suite of relevant services and productivity-enhancing tools, allowing healthcare professionals to carry out various tasks in the most efficient manner when timing is critical. Yet in providing such services, Radiologex does not want to sacrifice security. Secure and safe transmission of information will always remain a top priority for Radiologex,” said John-Kiyo Smith, CEO, Radiologex. “Trusona is the only company anywhere in the world that can provide technological solutions that meet our strict standards for security. We are confident our partnership will foster trust and peace of mind among Radiologex customers and is a natural fit with our game-changing platform.”[/font]


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