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Author Topic: Starting A Bitcoin Service Business  (Read 1520 times)

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Starting A Bitcoin Service Business
« on: January 05, 2014, 12:31:20 PM »
Being in digital currencies for the last couple of years now it's made me some really good profits. I'd like to take that money and do something with it that would help further our goals in merchant infastructure and mass adoption. My wife and I live in Thailand where there are no real regulations but more simply, who you know, and due to my wife's connections we probably know the right people to get things off the ground.

She's got a big circle of friends, ex coworkers, bosses, and family who are interested  but don't know how to buy bitcoins or how to keep them safe. More people yet who might be interested but don't know anything about it except on TV. I'd like to set up a website with a manual exchange where it sends me alerts of people wanting to buy and sell, and I can fulfill the transaction from my smartphone, while also handling these transactions in person with the people who are interested.

Then design some physical coins out of Pyrite (Gold is very popular here) with the Bitcoin logo on the front, a QR code on the back with $1.50 worth of BTC. And maybe Litecoin that is 1/4th the size. Contact shops in the area and help them figure out the Andriod App that lets you recieve bitcoins. And have a information packet (converted to thai.) which also has the name of our website.

Now the average people will be informed, have bitcoin, and have a local place to send it.

From here assuming this is successful, we can contact some of the wealthier people we know and ask for investments.

I've only got $20,000 in funds as of this time. That's more than enough to do the manual exchange + inform the public idea, but far short of being able to purchase 5 Robocoin machines, modifying them to also accept litecoin and eventually emunies, set each up in the 4 major malls, and 1 in the Airport.

Set up a fully automatic exchange geared toward's Thai and Philippine users.

Then spend the rest of my time interesting business owners and investors to jump onto the Digital currency bandwagon, other online businesses who currently have to rely on prepaid cards, and maybe aim to get some politians onboard as share holders who might otherwise be tempted to support the traditional banks when digital currencies become big.


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