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Author Topic: The Future of Bitcoin Technology.  (Read 69 times)

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The Future of Bitcoin Technology.
« on: August 01, 2020, 10:45:43 AM »
Truly, it has been said that we should create the future we want to see.  In order words, if you want tomorrow to be great, then start working on  it today. That is how the software industry has developed and  transformed from one forms to another until we now have the powerful  software that support bitcoin, which are; Blockchain, Cryptography and  Internet. Here are what I’m thinking. The future is not far from us in software technological breakthrough.
1.The future of work is Contributor and not employee.
2.The future of platforms, systems and institutions is decentralization and not centralization.
3.The future of contract is smart contract and not trust contract.
4.The future of money is crypto and not fiat.

 Bitcoin is certainly one of the inventions blockchain technology based  on which the first crypto-currency was created Bitcoin is secure  software Experts agree that the blockchain technology at the core of  Bitcoin is highly reliable Banks and financial institutions should also  use blockchain technology.

However, I think the impact of this  revolution on business has no government or institution. Huge  populations around the world are circulating these currencies through a  kind of secure network No one is a policymaker, everyone is equal just a  node in the network This coin will go from buyer to seller directly  without an intermediary safely and surely There is no central form of  this monetary system there has been complete decentralization It will be  in direct demand through a peer-to-peer network of buyers and sellers.


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