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The Importance of environmentally oriented coin.



The corporate world has increasingly focused on environmental concerns in recent years or at least on appearing to care about green issues...
With the shift, investors are hot to buy into renewable energy as the next big thing. Companies in every sector are pledging to cut their carbon emissions.
And the Biden administration has set tough carbon goals and promised to fund new green technologies. The idea of paying a premium for green Bitcoin may not be such a stretch, considering that coins that don’t use energy-intensive mining actually enjoyed a short rally following Elon's comments when Bitcoin tumbled. The protocols they use to secure their networks and process transactions use less power than the system that supports Bitcoin..
And here are the most promising environmentally-oriented coins that I think will lead our future.
It's called Ocean Environment Coin. What's interesting about OEC is that it does care about the ocean...
Number one, protect the ecosystem with companies that can solve environmental and hygienic problems (13 countries patent registered)
Number two, block verification capability based on the amount of OEtoken held by miners.
Number three, power usage that is closest to ESG guidelines, a total of 12kw per month.
I will try to find out more coins that are good enough to be an eco-friendly coin.

And If I do, I`ll let you know.

The energy intensive process of proof-of-work coins like bitcoin only makes them more secure. The solution is to use renewable sources of energy for the mining process.


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