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thebitcointrade:Bitcoin Gambling Site Earns $230,000 in December;Raises Eyebrows

Bitcoin Gambling Site Earns $230,000 in December; Raises Eyebrows

--- Quote ---SatoshiDice just announced their revenue numbers for the month of December, and they were record-breaking (all numbers in Bitcoin):

--- Quote ---December Statement

Earnings:   17,266.45
Hosting/Tech Expenses:   60
Loss Carryover from Nov: 0

Net Profit   17,206.44888669

Volume over past 30 Days   527,708.52
Expected Profit over past 30 Days   10,026.46
Actual Profit over past 30 Days  16,632.74
Updated P&L
--- End quote ---

Almost as impressive as their earnings was the cost of their overhead, an astoundingly small 60 Bitcoins.
--- End quote ---

This is really impressive.

More information:

Bitcoin gambling is a very profitable industry. This is why a lot of people are investing into this kind of business. It’s easier to manage because of the bitcoin payment system that makes the business operation smoother.


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