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VOTE: Should miners collude to take funds from known US Government address?

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There is evidence that may reveal the address used by the US Government to confiscate bitcoins used on the Silk Road. This evidence may become more solid over time. Who knows...

Should the miners fake a transaction to assist in returning those funds?
Should they just steal them and distribute them to the miners in some distribution?
Should the miners confirm fake transactions in any other situations?

I think if it were even possible for the miners to cooperate in this fashion, it might reveal some flaws in bitcoin, so this may be a useful test if nothing else.

No.  We do not want to be involved with figuring out what is a good transaction and what is a bad one.  In order for this to happen, centralisation would need to happen and someone would have to make future decisions on what funds should be taken.   It would be interesting to see how MT GOX would handle it if the Bitcoins were sent to them, as the US Goverment has taken their money.  Hmmmmmmm.......

I think its too late now, unless all the top 10 pools agree.

sounds like a good test.

but it was up to yourself and DPR to secure those coins.

I've pulled most of my coins off the exchanges and other places where I am not the only one to control the private keys.  I learned my lesson with MyBitcoin.  the rest of you should have at one point.

No because it sets a bad precedent.
What next, the group hug takes away coins from someone they dislike because of 'insert reason here'

Stanley Mcstanley:
If a group of people prove to be able to steal from other's wallets just because they want to, then BTC will be pretty much dead.  At least dead to me.  It's no longer legitimate.  BTC shouldn't be able to be manipulated by anybody, no matter how much they believe they're on the side of the angels. 

But, forget the question of whether they should or not, is there any scenario that would make it possible for this to be done?  If so then I'd really like to know because it would dramatically change my outlook on what BTC is. 


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